When you get sick or not feeling well, do you ever think of natural health cures. There are so many different types of illnesses, and so many kinds of pills to take to make you feel better, but is this the best solution to your health. With all of the education in this world, and all of the research, could there not be a better way to live.

Why is it necessary for a person to believe that arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are just a normal part of growing older? Maybe people are living longer than in previous generations, but are they living better. What type of life do many older people now have? How many prescription drugs are needed to keep most elderly people alive?

Natural health cures were a normal part of family life, before the pharmaceutical companies took over. Healthy eating used to be more important, and home remedies were often used with much success. There have always been unscrupulous people in the food industry, but today it seems like nobody is out for the good of the people. Why does money always win out?

Not everything that appears to be progress, is better than what we had. The most expensive way is not always best. There are natural health cures that are simple and easy, and also very inexpensive. If you can be healed by changing your diet, you will not need the drug companies pills. They do not like that. Advertisements are a way to get you to buy something that you do not need.

The people who can get the most buyers, get paid the most money. So what if you do not need the product, or it is not good for you. Alternative medicine is becoming more popular today, because people are not getting helped by doctors and there drugs, and they are returning to natural health cures to solve their problems.

As more people are educated to what has happened to our food, they will turn to organic foods for better health. One bit of education that would help all people, is to learn about the pH balance of the body. The pH balance will tell you if your body is alkaline or acid. The more acidic your body is, the better chance you have of becoming sick.

People would quickly lose weight, if they knew that the body stores acid poisons in their fat, and that if they could get rid of the acid, they would also get rid of the fat. Being healthy and disease free, is a matter of eating alkaline foods, and staying away from acidic foods. Knowing that, people who wanted to live as healthy as possible, would not drink alcohol, or soda pop, they would not smoke, or live where the air is hard to breathe, and they would never put drugs into their mouth.

On a positive side, they would find the right alkaline foods, and eat as many types as possible. Their standard liquid to drink would be pure, clean water, and they might add something to make it more alkaline. We live in a toxic world with a lot of our food being toxic, and our air is toxic, and most of our water is toxic. Because of that, our bodies have to work overtime to keep our system functioning.

The body is designed to cleanse itself of impurities, but the more poison that is put in, along with not putting in the necessary nutrients, most bodies are falling apart. What is the solution? Our bodies need something new. We need a program that will remove poisons from our bodies, and also will put into the body all the nutrients the body needs to rejuvenate itself.