We live in a world made of particles of energy. Everything carries it’s own energy frequency. We all learned that in grade school or high school science if we were paying attention, but many of us do not take that knowledge into the everyday world with us to understand what it means to our lives and our health.

Muscle Testing or Energy Testing as it is sometimes called, can be a valuable diagnostic tool to assess whether a substance is something your body needs or tolerates. What muscles testing does, if used correctly, is measures the flow of energy through your meridians usually in conjunction with a substance we are testing to see if our energy continues to flow freely in the presence of that substance. Energy testing was first commonly used in the field of Applied Kinesiology and called Muscle Testing which is the term most commonly used. The term Energy Testing is really more accurate since you are testing the energy flow in the body and using the muscles to test it.

Energy testing is truly a combination of art and science and will take time to become proficient and gain the sensitivity needed to ensure you are not influencing the outcome with preconceived ideas or desires. It is best done using a partner but can be done alone. I recommend becoming proficient working with a partner before trying it yourself. The insight and sensitivity you will develop working with someone else will be worth any shyness you may have about working with a friend. Energy testing is easy to learn but requires skill that will develop through use to know it is not being used inaccurately or irresponsibly.

To begin energy testing:

  • Maintain a beginner’s mind and try not to predict, hope for, or think about the outcome of the test. Doing so will influence the results.
  • Focus your intention on having valid test results.
  • Have the person to be tested hold either arm straight down at the side of their body. The elbow is straight the thumb just touches the side of the leg and the fingers point down.
  • The tester, using an open hand slipped between the arm and body of the person to be tested says something like ” do not let me pull your arm away from your body” and with an open hand exerts a steady outward pressure on the arm for a couple of seconds.

The arm will either stay firm with a little movement and bounce right back when the pressure is removed or the arm will move very easily away from the body. The point is not to try to overpower the other person but simply to measure the resistance.

If the person who is tested shows the muscle to be weak, strengthen the appropriate points by:

  • Thumping on your breast bone a couple inches below your collarbones for 15 seconds.
  • Tap on your K-27 acupuncture points by finding your collarbones and then slide your fingers to the middle where there is a bump, drop down an inch and out an inch. There may be an indent or some soreness. Use the tops of 2 or more fingers and tap for about 30 seconds. -Tap on your spleen neurolymphatic points. Find these points by moving your hands directly in line with your nipples below your breasts and down one more rib. Tap as with the K-27 points above. Again, these points may be sensitive.
  • Test again. The arm resistance should now be firm.
  • From this strong place you can now test various items by having the person to be tested touch or hold them to their stomach with the free hand while being tested. They will test strong if the item is good for them or needed by them and weak if it is not. You can ensure more accurate results by disguising the item so the person being tested does not know what they are being tested for or take even more external influence out of the test by having a third person help who is the only one who knows what the substances are.

By learning to energy test you can have a valuable biofeedback resource available to you any time and anywhere to help make well-informed decisions about the things you put in and on your body for greater natural health.

For a more thorough discussion of energy testing please refer to Donna Eden’s wonderful book Energy Medicine.