Have a Headache? Pop a Pill!

Once upon a time, when you got a headache, you looked around for the cause. Some causes were very obvious. On Sunday mornings, my husband, known to imbibe a few gin and tonics Saturday nights, would wake up clutching his head and moaning “I knew there was something wrong with that tonic water”…..Right! So that’s one very obvious cause.

It’s when the cause of your headache is not obvious, or you don’t have the time or inclination to figure out where it came from that the problem arises.

You know the drill. Have a headache? Pop a pill or four or so! Preferably a brand name pill, heavily advertised on TV. Pills where the cost of manufacture is zero and where marketing costs are in the millions.

Big drug can afford lavish TV advertising for its products. To sell one pain pill it will spend more than the GDP of many small countries. And the TV ads work. You see a beautiful woman clutching her head, in obvious pain. The weight of the world is on her shoulders. What can she do? Take a pill of course! The bottle is right there in the foreground, brand name carefully highlighted. She takes the pill and voila! Headache gone! She’s practically dancing. Wow! Those pills really work! Right!

In the real world, what happens? We get a headache. We take the pills so heavily advertised on TV. The pain of the headache is temporarily alleviated. The headache is actually just sitting in a corner doing its knitting. The temporary effect of the pills wears off. We take more. Then we need stronger pills and heavier doses. Soon, we need a prescription for pain medication. Luckily for us, we know exactly what to ask our doctor for. It’s another heavily advertised prescription medication.

Is this the answer? Of course not! The answer is a lot simpler, cheaper and healthier than that.

You feel a headache coming on. It will not hit you like a sledgehammer. You feel it coming; a general unease. Where are you? Crouched over your computer, maybe? Neck tense? Shoulders knotted? Tension everywhere? Well, yes. Right there, is the major cause of headache in the modern world.

Just once, don’t reach into your desk drawer and extract your pain pills and swallow them unthinking. Realize that your body is in knots and it’s trying to tell you so. Listen to it. Get up. Stretch. If you’re in a commercial office, walk to the outside door. Take a few breaths. Walk to the water cooler. Drink two cups of water. Stretch five times before returning to your desk. See how that works? Rocket science! The world didn’t end because you took a five minute break. But the synapses firing off your headache subsided. Your eyes cleared. Your shoulders dropped from around your ears. A neck rub is great too, but a bit difficult to get at the office.

If you work from home, oh lucky you! Take all the above steps but, if you have a garden, go outside. Admire your glorious plants. Have a few words with them. Do a little weeding. Return to your desk refreshed.

So, what just happened? We ignored the siren call of lethal chemicals and we soothed our tortured limbs and muscles all by ourselves. This actually works for tension and stress headaches. And it’s so much healthier than ingesting chemicals passed as safe by the Keystone Cops in the FDA.

There are other headaches, of course, not succeptible to these particular natural remedies and I’ll cover them in later articles. But, for now, there is one instance I want to highlight:

If you get a blinding headache, out of the blue, no warning at all, your first instinct is to lie down and hope it passes. Don’t. Call your PCP or the emergency services. You need to be examined right away. Remember. If you get a blinding headache without warning, act immediately. Get help. Now.

The sheer pace of our lives today causes all sorts of unease in our bodies. Big Drug has a panacea for all the ills the befall us. But it’s not a panacea; it’s not even a Band Aid. It’s a false fix and we need to get away from it. Thanks to TV advertising, we’re conditioned to think we should take a pill every time we feel less than on top of the world. Not so. Let’s start with small natural steps and see if we can bring our bodies back to the glorious ease we had as children.

The Neti Pot: A Holistic Cure For Sinus Congestion Or Death Trap?

The Neti Pot, a time tested and holistic cure for sinus congestion, has been featured in the media recently because it’s use was linked to a meningitis-like infection. Mainstream news stories on this topic have scared some people from using natural, non-invasive therapies. In this article, it will be evident that this holistic remedy was not to blame for the deaths of these people. Rather, the contaminated water provided to the victims by the government was the cause of death. It was not the Neti Pot that led to their death, but the contaminated tap water that was placed in the pot.

Naegleria fowleri is the name of the germ that killed the people who used the Neti Pot. Microorganisms, such as the ones that cause meningitis, do not spontaneously come to life when a person uses a natural cure like this one. A better question to ask is why Naegleria fowleri was present inside of supposedly clean tap water that people routinely drink and bathe in?

There are normal bacteria and other germs living inside of everyone’s nose all of the time. People suffer from nasal congestion and infection when non-normal residents move into the nose. Placing tap water inside of your nose does not cause death unless the tap water is contaminated with harmful bacteria. This is the reason why cities and municipalities have water treatment procedures.

Proper hygiene and a healthy immune system are the best ways to prevent infections. Standing water is a breeding ground for germs that prefer to live in water, especially when the standing water contains germs to begin with. Contrary to some people’s belief, germs do not fall from the air and move into water to make people sick. The germs had to already be in the container or the water. The use of salt water should not be eliminated as a holistic cure. Our bodies are made of 60% water. Water is supposed to be life giving and beneficial. When water isn’t fit to be used in the body, the problem lies not in the water itself, but in the contamination of the water.

The use of a Neti Pot provides nasal congestion relief. Neti pots are a holistic cure for nasal congestion that work by delivering saline to the root of the problem, which is the mucus in the nose itself. This saline rinse does not affecting the body or the bacteria in the rest of the body in the manner that taking an oral medication would. Untreated, severe congestion can lead to a painful sinus infection, which will likely require treatment with antibiotics. The use of antibiotics brings with it a host of other complications. The use of a Neti pot helps to avert sinus infections.

Traditional Neti Pot usage provides sinus congestion relief that works harmoniously with your body. Saline, or salt water is not harmful to the body, which is why this holistic treatment works as a natural cure for congestion. Saline water only harms the microorganisms that shouldn’t live on the body.

Saline is a natural cure for getting germs out of the body. Salt draws the water out of bacteria and leads to their death. The use of salt water as a germ killer does not lead to the development of antibiotic resistant mutated germs, the way that the use of antibiotics and antiviral drugs do.

The Neti Pot is an effective and safe, natural cure for sinus infections and nasal congestion. The Neti Pot works as long as the people who use it are given the information that they need to stay safe. In the case of the deaths that have been linked to the Neti Pot use, these deaths weren’t caused by the Neti Pot, but by the dirty and contaminated tap water that they used. More natural cures for common illnesses can be found at